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“Winter” in Florida

Well of course I know there’s such a thing as winter. Just not in Florida.

Everyone knows Florida is a forlorn, steamy jungle, overrun with dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers and other megafauna, a place filled with vine-overgrown ziggurats and ancient stone temples, where crocodiles pad silently across the ancient cobblestone streets and large breasted amazon warriors capture the daring but foolish archaeologists who brave this antithesis of civilization seeking the tombs of ancient warrior kings and the necropoli of long-dead wizards.

Florida is a place overrun with man-eating megaflora and vile serpent-man cults that have survived since prehistoric times. It is a place where the spirits of winter hold no sway and not a single flake of snow would ever dare to touch the ground.

When the lost Ice Children of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts decide they have finally had enough of this realm and must at last return to Faerie, it is to Florida they go in which to find a place to die.


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