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Fifty Shades of Trek

In the 23rd century…

There had been many changes since the strange anomalous wormhole that had delivered Brenton Brown from the 21st century to the 23rd. Not the least of which was that 23rd century medical science had delivered unto Brenton the rock hard manly physique that he always deserved in life but had never had owing to a glandular thing that was totally not his fault. Since arriving in what was to him, the future, Brenton had saved the Enterprise twice and been given a field commission as a lieutenant in Starfleet.

Brenton lay in Uhura’s bed as she sultrily licked the chiseled pectorals of his mahogany chest like a cat in heat. She leaned her head back, shaking her hair loose from its usual bee-hive confinement.

“Oh God, Brenton. Never did I think to know such divine sexual fulfillment, nor did I think I would ever find myself in the arms of a man more manly than James Tiberius Kirk. With the Captain lost in time, we would never have survived the Tholian attacks without you, Brenton. Spock was right to make you Tactical Officer.”

“It was only logical,” Brenton smirked.

“Yes, what with the skills you learned back in Earth’s savage 21st century — an age when people played wargames for entertainment,” Uhura said.

“It is true. I never expected the skills I learned playing children’s games would find such deadly utility nor that they would make me the galaxy’s most astute space warfare commander. But enough of such, let us return to the first topic: that of lovemaking…”

Brenton took Uhura into his brawny arms and as her ruby lips met his own chocolate visage, their tongues began to weave the savage dance of the Orion Animal Women in each other’s mouths.

“Oh yes! Take me Brenton! Hammer my innermost feminine recesses with the hard, glossy photon torpedo of your love!” Uhura cried.

Brenton smiled. “It would be my honor and my pleasure to take you to the highest heights of sexual ecstasy for as long as you could possibly desire.”

“Oh Brenton…” Uhura sighed.

Uhura mounted Brenton’s iron rod and rode her strapping black stallion until finally, sweating and panting from their mutual exhaustion and mind-numbing pleasure, his photon torpedo exploded in her warp core, unleashing a thousand points of light…


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