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Fornifications (definition)



1. military defenses built to protect a place from outside interference for the purpose of consensual sexual intercourse between two or more persons not married to each other


1. “We’ve got to storm City Hall and drive out those furries before they complete their fornifications or there’ll be hell to pay!”

2. “These goggles will provide your commando team with a rudimentary vector graphic view of your surroundings.”

“This is less detail than if we just used our eyes.”

“Exactly. You’re assaulting the Tentacled God’s Sexthedral — trust me son, you don’t want to see what’s on the other side of those fornifications.”

* * *

Fantasy, science fiction and steampunk author Brandon Black is the editor of New Orleans By Gaslight, a first of its kind anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fantasy poetry and fiction set in Victorian-era New Orleans. Brandon is also the web content manager for the Week in Geek, New Orleans’ favourite fantasy and science fiction themed radio talk show, every Saturday at 1 pm CST on WGSO 990 AM. Click here to check out Brandon’s ever-expanding list of published works.


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