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A Good Death

Fifty years from now, after a long and fruitful writing career, with many bestsellers and many awards, I lie on my deathbed surrounded by family and friends.

I look to my son and reach out my hand to him. He grasps my hand in his.

With my last breath I say, “Remember me to Gallifrey…”

My son looks down at me and says, “Father, it’s pronounced Galli-FREY.”

I smile and pass across the Rainbow Bridge, my work complete.

* * *

Fantasy, science fiction and steampunk author Brandon Black is the editor of New Orleans By Gaslight, a first of its kind anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fantasy poetry and fiction set in Victorian-era New Orleans. Brandon is also the web content manager for the Week in Geek, New Orleans’ favourite fantasy and science fiction themed radio talk show, every Saturday at 1 pm CST on WGSO 990 AM. Click here to check out Brandon’s ever-expanding list of published works.


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