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The Snake Woman

In my cabin, the stars at her back, she stands naked before me. My blood runs cold as my mind races.

Where did she come from? The ship hangs in open space. How did she even get aboard?

The power of her gaze grips my spine as a fist. She rips the cold dripping fear flowing down my vertebrae from me as she approaches, slinking closer, ever closer.

My eyes are made to follow her green and brown diamond-tattooed curves as her full, gravity-defying breasts, erect, pointed nipples and wide, flowing hips wash back and forth. Her will draws my eyes down to the neat trimmed triangle of brown fur between her legs. I feel the heat of her yoni reach across the room. I inhale her musk.

Unbidden, empty, with no desire, my tongue follows where my eyes have already travelled, down and across her tattooed mottled skin.

I pull back. I apply the mental disciplines I’ve been given, filling my mind with numbers and mantras but to no avail.

Her grave stolen might, alien magick she did not forge and did not possess the rigour and discipline to develop dominates my mind.

She turns my manhood into an iron shaft with a gaze, a laugh and a single stroke of a long-taloned finger.

As an afterthought, she fills my heart with passion.

Pushing me back onto the bed, she mounts me. Her warm, velvet cunt envelops my cock.

Her hips undulate against my own. I perform as bidden.

She climaxes. She releases her grip on my mind.

I collapse. Spent. Disused.

A piece of meat.

* * *

Fantasy, science fiction and steampunk author Brandon Black is the editor of New Orleans By Gaslight, a first of its kind anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fantasy poetry and fiction set in Victorian-era New Orleans. Brandon is also the web content manager for the Week in Geek, New Orleans’ favourite fantasy and science fiction themed radio talk show, every Saturday at 1 pm CST on WGSO 990 AM. Click here to check out Brandon’s ever-expanding list of published works.


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