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Cairo By Gaslight

My apologies to everyone for the interminable delays but Cairo By Gaslight, the first Egyptian-themed steampunk anthology and the second book of Black Tome Books’ By Gaslight series, is finally on its way into print. I have the proof copy in my hands right now and in a few days, it’ll be live on Before the end of November, it’ll be available to libraries and bookstores and I’ll get the contributor copies out to the authors as well. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m thrilled that this book will finally see the light of day. Its authors deserve that.

The book is currently only available via Createspace’s e-store but you can rest assured, I’ll keep you apprised.

You can get a copy right now at:

In other good news, I’ll be clearing The Other World from the backlog soon as well. So you can expect to see that volume make its debut some time in the near future.

Regrettably, I’m going to have declare Space Pirates & Bounty Hunters a wash. There simply weren’t enough quality stories to justify the book. A lot of talented writers gave it their best but I think the flash fiction restriction was just a bad idea. Which I take responsibility for. Black Tome Books is a new press and a small press and the only way we’re going to make any headway gaining notoriety for our authors is to take chances. The flash fiction thing didn’t pan out but rest assured, we will be tackling this exciting theme again some time in the future!




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Fantasy, science fiction and steampunk author Brandon Black is the editor of New Orleans By Gaslight, a first of its kind anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fantasy poetry and fiction set in Victorian-era New Orleans. Brandon is also the web content manager for the Week in Geek, New Orleans’ favourite fantasy and science fiction themed radio talk show, every Saturday at 1 pm CST on WGSO 990 AM. Click here to check out Brandon’s ever-expanding list of published works.

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