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Day of Doom

The Cubs win the World Series after one hundred and eight years.

Chicago burns in an orgy of celebratory destruction.

Tearing out the foundations of the city and killing thousands, the wave of joyous annihilation continues unabated towards the Chicago suburbs.

A reluctant President Obama gives the order to incinerate Chicago with thermonuclear weapons in order to stop the emanation of bliss from destroying the entire North American continent.

A single MIRV ICBM loaded with a payload of twenty thermonuclear warheads blankets the entire Chicago metroplex region with radioactive flaming death from the sky.

The ever-widening circle of orgiastic ruin is stopped in its tracks and a terrified administration can breathe once more. The task of explaining the need to use thermonuclear weapons on American soil is a daunting one but at least the country has been saved, or so the administration believes.

What too few humans realize is that it is already too late.

The stars have changed. The Old Ones have returned.


New Orleans-based fantasy and science fiction author Brandon Black is the editor of the By Gaslight steampunk anthology series. He has a Bachelor’s in Military and Political Journalism and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. His short fiction has appeared in Dark Oak Press’ Dreams of Steam III and Seventh Star Press’ A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court. Brandon has just published a short anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fiction short stories entitled Mechanical Tales and is working on completing his first novel. His most recent story “The Night Mississippi Declared War on the Moon,” has been published in Capes and Clockwork 2.
All text copyright Brandon Black 2016.

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