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The Good News About Thor

In these times of economic woe and political uncertainty, many people have decided there is nothing to believe in. But we know that there is. Faith is its own reward and those who bask in the waters of faith will know its blessings. Yes, friend, I’m talking about the Good News about Thor.

Thor is a loving, accepting God who doesn’t judge Humanity like many false icons. Thor understands the Middle Path of moderation between self-righteous total abstinence and wanton self-indulgence and has tasted the refreshing sweetness of fine ale, the saltiness of a good piece of roast pork and knows the lusty pleasures of the soft and supple arms of Valkyries, mortal women and Goddesses alike. Thor understands and accepts human frailties for what they are, often the source of our greatest strengths and triumphs. He understands and pulls to His hairy bosom all those who try to do what is best in life, not just for themselves but for their friends and loved ones, even strangers; for Thor is ever a friend to Midgard and all those who dwell within.

Render unto Thor your prayers and He will hear and answer them. Thor will not turn a deaf ear to you nor ask you to bear more than your fair share. Thor will ever stand with you in adversity as befitting a true and proper patron God. Thor loves and understands you and even now, is willing to guide you in the kind of moral and proper life you need to live in order to cross the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard.

Thor rewards all who, in this Yuletide season, choose to honor the ancient pagan ways and bring within their households the Yule log and mistletoe as did the ancient druids of Ireland and the pagans of Anglo-Saxon England. Thor looks kindly upon all those who do adorn their homes in this time of year with a shining star, the five-fold pentagram traced across the night sky by the planet Venus, eternal symbol of the Goddess of fertility and sensuality. For in such ways are the ancient Gods celebrated even unto this day.

Send to this every good hearted person you know and care about. Thor is willing to come into their lives today.


New Orleans-based fantasy and science fiction author Brandon Black has a Bachelor’s in Military and Political Journalism and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. His short fiction has appeared in Dark Oak Press’ Dreams of Steam III and Seventh Star Press’ A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court. Brandon has published a short anthology of steampunk and gaslamp fiction short stories entitled Mechanical Tales and is working on completing his first novel. His most recent story “The Night Mississippi Declared War on the Moon,” has been published in Capes and Clockwork 2.
All text copyright Brandon Black 2016.

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  1. Thor sounds like an insurance plan!


    Dec 22, 2016 at 10:06 pm