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Interview with local author Christian Martin

I’ve got a special treat for you all today — an interview with cyberpunk author Christian Martin — the creative genius behind the Static Breaker series. Static Breaker is described as “a series of episodic short stories set in a near-future China. It is updated every other week.” Enjoy!


Why did you choose cyberpunk as the genre for your web series?

Popular technology and its effect on society have always fascinated me. I’ve seen drastic changes in technology and how people use it just in my lifetime, so I can’t help but speculate on what the future might bring. I also feel a connection to roguish characters, people on the edge of society who often have more style than sense.

What are your thoughts on writing a web series?

I’ve always loved episodic storytelling, so it fits me well. It’s a great form that seems largely unutilized. I wish it was explored more by professional authors.

Where do you see cyberpunk going in the near future?

We’ve got supercomputers that fit in our pockets, drones flying overhead, and frickin’ virtual reality headsets in our living rooms. It occurred to me that I could write a legit cyberpunk story without making up a single piece of fictional technology. But if we’ve come this far, where does the genre go? I’ve thought about that a lot.

Regarding technology, Augmented Reality is fascinating. I think AR glasses are going to revolutionize the way we interact with technology – and they’re not far off – so cyberpunk writers can’t ignore them. There’s also wireless charging, flexible screens, self-driving cars, and a million other amazing things on the horizon.

Regarding the themes and settings of the genre, I think we’re moving away from the dark, hopeless dystopias of classic cyberpunk. Now that we live with all this technology, we’re not so afraid of it. The negative aspects of how technology can be misused are much more subtle than we once expected. I actually believe that advanced technology pushes different parts of civilization further toward dystopia and utopia simultaneously. We’ve got better access to knowledge and a much broader ability to communicate with one another – but also must deal with things like Big Data, state-sponsored hacking, and mass surveillance. I think new cyberpunk must deal with this duality.

Is cyberpunk your favourite genre and if not, what is? Why is that your favourite genre?

Cyberpunk is actually a close second behind space opera for me. Space opera is so cool because it lets me extrapolate tech and society crazy far, to the nth degree. It also allows me to experiment with concepts from theoretical physics – a field of science I’ve always been obsessed with.

Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I go through books slowly, but I’m always reading something. My top two favorite authors are Eric Nylund and Alastair Reynolds.

For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

Real paper books all the way. I own a Kindle but haven’t used it in over a year.

What book/s are you reading at present?

Whew, there’s a few of them. I usually read 3 to 4 at a time. I’ve actually been reading more non-fiction stuff lately. I’m nearly done with Tony Robins’ Money: Mastering the Game and still working through Mastery by Robert Greene. The novel I’m reading at the moment is Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. I’m also a few stories deep into an anthology called The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures edited by Sean Wallace.

Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

As far as Static Breaker goes, I just edit each episode myself. The idea behind the series is to have fairly straight-forward chunks that I can shoot out quickly. Now, whether it actually works that way is another issue.

For short stories, I give copies to my friends and my writing group for feedback. I plan on doing the same with the novel I’m writing.

What is your favourite positive saying?

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” – Pablo Picasso

What is your favourite book and why?

Oh man, I’m so excited to answer this question. My favorite book is A Game of Universe by Eric Nylund. It’s a book from the 90s that I bet few people have ever heard of. Nylund mixes fantasy and science fiction in a wonderfully colorful way.

What’s your favourite cyberpunk book and why?

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. I like it because it’s not your classic dark cyberpunk. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely some messed up stuff in it, but it has a much brighter tone and is more realistic in relation to modern technology.

What’s your favourite film and why?

The Fifth Element! No matter how many times I’ve seen it, that movie still brings a smile to my face. The writing is great. The costumes are great. The art direction is great. The music is great. The performances are great. Everything mixes together perfectly to create a really vivid universe.

What is your favourite cyberpunk film and why?

Hackers! Ha, just kidding. Let me throw you a curveball with this one – Digimon: The Movie. Yes, that is my real answer. The first half of the movie is one of my most favorite things ever. Some goofy teenagers frantically meet at each other’s houses in order to fight against a digital monster that’s infecting the internet.

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead]

The heroes end up defeating the monster by recruiting the kids of the world to basically DDoS it into submission. They send so many messages to the thing at once that it ends up freezing long enough to get blasted into oblivion. Amazing, right?

Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I’d like to have a few traditionally published books out at that point. And some comics. Maybe a film or two produced from screenplays I wrote. Am I being overly ambitious? GOOD.

Overly Ambitious is my middle name.

I have very odd parents.

What are you working on at the moment?

Finishing Static Breaker Book 1. I’ve worked on the series intermittently over several years, and it’s about time I give it the full attention it deserves. I’m posting one episode every two weeks now – no matter what – until it’s done.

If you’d like to read it – and you should – check out


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