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Anti-Doctor Protocols


A number of previous operations have been interfered with or stopped entirely by the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor. To better defend against this Gallifreyan’s predations, the following protocols will be enacted.

Upon receiving an alert that the Time Lord known as “the Doctor” is in the vicinity, be ready to execute the Time Lord ON SIGHT. Do not contact higher authority. Do not request instructions. Terminate the Gallifreyan immediately and recover his corpse for analysis. Likewise any human companions of the Doctor should be killed on sight.
Should the Time Lord or his companions offer to surrender, tell them you accept their surrender and will take them prisoner. After they throw down their weapons and tools, execute them immediately and recover their corpses for analysis.
Once the order goes out to operate via the Anti-Doctor Protocols — THEY CANNOT BE RESCINDED NOR COUNTERMANDED. The Anti-Doctor alert can be extended by legitimate authority otherwise it will automatically end in 48 hours from the first alert. Do not believe any transmission ordering the Protocols to be rescinded or countermanded. Do not believe any officer attempting to verbally instruct you to stand down.

Upon receiving an alert that the Time Lord known as “the Doctor” is in the vicinity, secure all equipment, passengers and crew of all starships and space stations for vacuum operations. Fifteen minutes after the alert is sounded, all air will be pumped out of all starships and space stations undergoing the alert and vacuum operations will be conducted until the alert ends. The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver cannot function without outside air.

All maintenance operations are suspended during an anti-Doctor alert until such time as direct authorization can be received from the bridge or main security. Should you see anyone conducting maintenance and you have no record of security authorization for the procedure, stop them and attempt to secure authorization. If they refuse or resist, terminate them immediately. Sabotage is one of the Time Lord’s chief weapons.

Any and all medications that might be used to treat a human or Gallifreyan will be in red containers. Upon receiving the alert, a button will be pushed causing the cabinet to recede into a hidden compartment and be replaced with a dummy cabinet filled with medications in blue containers. These medications will all be poisoned with toxins instantly fatal to humans and Gallifreyans alike. The Time Lord’s well known predilection for humans will be his undoing.

This protocol is to be conducted immediately and at all times for the processing of human prisoners. DO NOT WAIT FOR AN ALERT TO BE SOUNDED TO CARRY OUT THIS PROTOCOL.
Should a human prisoner be taken, and recall that under an alert, the Doctor and his companions are to be terminated on sight, all prisoners are to be fitted with an explosive charge with a highly sensitive passive sensor. The charge will detonate upon proximity to a double heart beat. Prisoners are to be given the impression that the charge is to prevent escape and that it will detonate either upon receipt of a special coded signal or if the prisoner strays too far from the detention level.