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Space Pirates and Bounty Hunters

Just read one of the submissions for the Space Pirates flash fiction anthology — it was in second person, which I found kind of off-putting at first but we permit experimental works — and it would be an easy thing to ask the author about changing it — so I kept reading. I liked it enough that before I reached the end, I decided it would go into the anthology and began to think of how I would broach the topic with the author about perhaps changing it to first person and then I got to the very end, I mean the very end, and the payoff became apparent. Despite my saying repeatedly that we take experimental fiction, I don’t get very many pieces that take chances, even something like this, the simple choice to go with second person instead of first or third. This one took a chance and I know there will be people who will argue about whether or not the payoff was worth it but I look forward to that conversation.




Picayune Tales Presents… Space Pirates and Picayune Tales Presents Bounty Hunters are both open through September 30th.