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Free citywide wifi NOW!

More cities need to offer their citizens free wifi service. There are rural communities that companies like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T won’t deliver service to because they consider them too remote but at the same time, they don’t want cities and local municipalities to provide that service to citizens for fear the idea will catch on.

Check out:

A state senator from Tennessee who suggested the very idea of the local government providing internet service for communities companies wouldn’t touch was threatened with litigation. A senator from Fayetteville was personally attacked in chambers for suggesting the city be able to sell fiber optic access to citizens whose homes had the cables running past already.

Every city ought to provide free wifi to its citizens. Each and every one.

A city the size of New York could provide wifi citywide at a cost of pennies per person living there. How awesome would that be? You wouldn’t have to wonder about or ask if this or that hotel has internet access. You wouldn’t need to visit this particular coffee shop or that fast food restaurant to use your laptop.

You could go anywhere in the city and be assured of access: schools, homes, restaurants, libraries, hotels — but also museums, parks, stadiums, government offices, the airport, stores, everywhere! How wonderful would that be? Complete access to world communications, information and entertainment everywhere in the city.

It would certainly boost tourism for cities like New Orleans and Las Vegas to be able to say that you’ve got free internet and wifi access everywhere in town. This is really something we should do immediately!